Before You Start

Make sure that you have already set up a dedicated user for our syncing service to access your Azure Synapse database.

Example User/Role Creation Template

CREATE LOGIN <your_login> WITH PASSWORD = '********';
CREATE USER <your_user FOR LOGIN <your_login>;  

-- Add the user to a database role
ALTER ROLE [db_datareader] ADD MEMBER <your_user>;

-- or grant access to a specific table
GRANT SELECT ON <your_table> TO <your_user>;  

How do I Set Up BigQuery as a Source?

Connect a Source

  1. Log in to your Desintation App.
  2. Navigate to the integrations portal.
  3. Click New Sync.
  4. Choose Azure Synapse.
  5. Input the following details:
    1. Display Name: A descriptive, human-readable name for this data source
    2. Username: This can be your personal username or you can create a dedicated user for syncing
    3. Password: The password for your syncing user
    4. Database Name: The name of the Redshift database to sync from
    5. Endpoint: The endpoint URL used to sync
  6. Click Test to validate the connection.
  7. Click Continue.

Choose an Object to sync

  1. Select an Object you want to create in the Destination App from your pulled data. The Object describes the expected format of the data in the Destination App.
  2. Select a table to pull data from by providing the following information:
    1. Namespace: The dataset ID within your poject (e.g., my-namespace in
    2. Table: The name of the table in your namespace that you want to pull data from. The columns in this table will be mapped to the Object you selected.
  3. Select Preview to see a sample of your table’s data.
  4. Click Continue.

Map Fields

For each field of the chosen Object, select one of the columns in your source table to map to it.